Jacob Dean

It's About Time... Yes, It Most Certainly Is.

Jacob Dean is an independent country music songwriter, musician, and recording artist, who currently hangs his hat in Kansas City, Missouri.  Capturing his own unique style of Americana by using infectious melodies, captivating harmonies, and "straight from the heart" lyrics, there is sure to be something in his music catalog that will  "strike a chord" in even the harshest country music critic. Influences spanning across multiple genres including traditional and modern country, blues, rock, and R&B, lay the foundation for this special blend of artistic enjoyment. 

Born and raised in rural Iowa, and growing up in family of highly talented musicians and vocalists, he attributes his creativity and love for songwriting to his "down home" roots and overwhelming support from family, friends, and community, especially those who motivated him to channel his artistic side and be actively involved in music.

The online release of his debut album "It's About Time" in April 2023, sets the musical stage with a mix of fun, light hearted, up-tempo, and lyrically clever tracks like "Devil's Little Angel", to message driven anthems and power ballads like "Long Hard Road" and "The Way You Look In My Eyes". The album also showcases instrumentally stripped down and vulnerable ballads like "Hold Your Heart" and "Forever In Love". 

June 4, 2023, marked the release of his new single "Dreamgirl" which is destined to become a fan favorite. It's a tantalizing recipe of emotionally captivating melodies and "heart felt" lyrics melded into an arena style power ballad that is sure to empty a few lighters and drain a few cell phone batteries.

He plans to continue writing and recording, and is currently working to release a couple more new tracks later this year in collaboration with some amazing musicians and producers. "It's what I was made for, and what I am extremely passionate about", he comments. "I can only be me. It's all that I can give, and exactlly what you'll get."

Be sure to check back frequently for updates. You can listen to Jacob Dean now by clicking the link below, or navigating to the Music page of the site using the link at the top of the page. His music is also available for online streaming or download through Amazon Music, Apple Music & iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Feel free to drop a line on the contact page or check out the What's Shakin' These Days blog for updates and other information!

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